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M. Pharmacy (Pharma Technology)

M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical technology was introduced in the year 2018 with a pool of highly qualified and experienced Faculty members. The primary objective of the course is to improve the technical skills of students in manufacturing and evaluation of various dosage forms to cater the needs of pharmaceutical industries.

Major Focus Area of Research -

• Development of solid oral dosage forms
• Physics of tablet compression
• Optimization of pharmaceutical product development process.
• Development of liquid and semi solid dosage forms Facilities available in the department The major equipments in tablet manufacturing includes
• Mini Rapid mixer granulator (Mini RMG, Shakti Pharma, Ahmedabad)
• Mini Fluidized bed dryer (Mini FBD, Shakti Pharma, Ahmedabad)
• Multistation tablet compression machine (Minipress-II, Karnavat, Ahmedabad)
• Hydraulic Pellet press (Kimiya Press, Mumbai)
• Tablet coating pan with compressor (SAM Machines, India))
• Strip packing machine (SAM Machines, India) The major equipments in capsule manufacturing includes
• Capsule filling machine (Pam Machines, Mumbai) The major equipments in manufacturing of suspension and emulsion includes
• Mini Colloid mill (Shakti Pharma, Ahmedabad)
• Digital homogenizer (Ika, Germany) Planetary mixer (SAM Machines, India) Major equipments in Quality control section includes
• Six stage dissolution rate test apparatus (Electrolab, Mumbai)
• Brook-field Viscometer (Brookfiled, USA)
• Digital tablet hardness tester (Electrolab, Mumbai)
• Digital disintegration test apparatus. (Electrolab, Mumbai)
• Digital tap density test apparatus. (Electrolab, Mumbai)


Eligibility Details

Note Pharm. The selection is done through GPAT/PGAT Test (Post Graduation Admission Test) followed by counseling by OJEE.

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