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The Roland Pharma Alumni Association (RPAA) was established on 01.01.2004 with the objective(s)

  • To hold alumni meet in every two years
  • To release a directory in every alumni function containing the latest profile of the alumni
  • To bring out a bulletin periodically, highlighting the activities of the institute and its alumni
  • To distribute prizes, and scholarships for students of the institute on the basis of merit
  • To arrange lectures, seminars, and workshops regularly
  • To honor the distinguished alumni

Nostalgia the alumni meet was launched with an objective of acknowledging the success of RPAA members and provide the students an opportunity to interact with the them. Since its inception RPAA has already conducted four Nostalgia meets in the years 2006 to 2016. Large numbers of alumni from different corners of globe have participated in these meets and have shared their success stories and experience with the students of RIPS. Apart from these, ALUMNI MEET are conducted in various places like Hydearbad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, New Delhi etc during Indian pharmaceutical congress.

Office bearer:
President: Dr. B.V.V. Ravi Kumar
Secretary: Dr. Ch. Niranjan Patra
Joint Secretary: Dr. Anjan Kumar
Treasurer: Mr. Sagar Suman Panda

Roland Institue of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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