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Pharmacology is the science which deals with the action of drugs on a living organism, its organs or tissues. This branch of science equips a student with the ability to establish a dose, dosage of a drug, its efficacy, safety and their mechanism of action. Pharmacology gives immense scope for exploration into diversified sub-domains such as cellular mechanism of medicines, clinical pharmacology, biopharmaceutics, preclinical and clinical trials. The pharmaceutical industry, especially clinical research organizations offers a variety of career opportunities in diversified areas such as pharmacological research, pre-clinical toxicology, clinical pharmacology, medical writing, clinical data management and pharmacovigilance.
The PG department of pharmacology was established in the year 2003, with adequate infrastructure, modern laboratories and experienced faculty. The main objective of the department is to provide high quality value based training to the student as per the requirement of the pharmaceutical industries and society.
The department has sophisticated instrument like autoanalyser, ELISA plate reader, student physiograph, digital plethysmometer, rectangular mazes, Y-maze, actophotometer, analgesiometer, convulsiometer and a well organized animal house facilities for the screening of new chemical entities and herbal bio-actives for pharmacological activities through in-vitro and in-vivo studies. The new chemical entities/ herbal bio-actives can be screened for analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, anticonvulsant, antiarthritic, nootropic, antidepressant and adaptogenic activities with suitable animal model. The department also extends the preclinical facilities to research scholars of other institutions.
Roland Institue of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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