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Full NameDr. Ch. Niranjan Patra
PositionVice-Principal, Professor
QualificationM.Pharm, Ph.D, FIC
SpecialityBioavailability enhancement and Formulation of modified release dosage forms.
Publications  UGC sponsored minor research project (Ref: PSO021-06-07) - 01 no
 Delivered Lectures as resource person in AICTE sponsored SDP–02 no
 Post graduate scholars guided = 15 nos
 Ph.D Degree awarded under my guidance = 02 no
 Ph.D project guidance continuing = 3 nos
 Research paper presentation in seminars = 10
 Publications = Book-01,
Research articles- 22
Review articles – 05
 Reviewer for the following journals
1. AAPS Pharmscitech,
2. Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
3. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics
4. International journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and nanotechnology.
1. Satya prakash Singh, Ch.Niranjan Patra, A study on compressibility parameters of aswagandha root powder, Research Publications, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-8465-4538-6.

1. Sarwar Beg, Suryakanta Swain, Harendra Pratap Singh, Ch Niranjan Patra and ME Bhanoji Rao, Development, Optimization, and Characterization of Solid Self-nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery Systems of Valsartan Using Porous Carriers, AAPS PharmSciTech , 2012, 13 (4), 1416-1427.
2. S. Beg, S.S. Jena, C.N. Patra, M. Rizwan, S. Swain, J. Sruti, M.E.B. Rao, B. Singh, Development of Solid Self-Nanoemulsifying Granules (SSNEGs) of Ondansetron Hydrochloride with Enhanced Bioavailability Potential, Colloids Surfaces B: Biointerfaces , 2013, 101, 414-423.
3. Satya Prakash Singh, Ch Niranjan Patra and Subas Chandra Dinda, A Systematic Study on Processing Problems and Invitro Release of Saraca indica Caesalpiniaceae Bark Powder Tablets, Trop. J. Pharm. Res, 2012, 13 (3), 387-395.
4. Suryakanta Swain, Upali A. Behera, Sarwar Beg, J. Sruti, Ch. Niranjan Patro, S.C. Dinda, and M. E. B. Rao, Design and characterization of enteric-coated controlled release mucoadhesive microcapsules of Rabeprazole sodium, Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm, 2012, April 18, PMID: 22512732.
5. Singh Satya Prakash, Niranjan Patra, Chakraborty Santanu, Pandit Hemant Kumar, Jagannath Patro and Vimala Devi, Studies on Flowability, Compressibility and In-vitro Release of Terminalia chebula Fruit Powder Tablets, Iranian J. Pharm. Res, 2011, 10 (1), 3-12.
6. Subhendu S. Mishra, K.K. Patel, Navdeep Raghuwanshi, Ashish Pathak, Prangya Parimita Panda, Kundlik Girhepunje and Ch. Niranjan Patro, Screening of ten indian medicinal plant extracts for antioxidant activity, Annals Biol. Res, 2011, 2 (1), 162-170.
7. S.K. Swain, Ch. Niranjan Patro, J.Sruti and ME Bhanoji Rao, Design and evaluation of sustained release solid dispersions of Verapamil hydrochloride, International J. Pharm. Sci. Nanotechnol, 2011, 3 (4).
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10. Chakraborty Santanu, Khandai Madhusmruti, Anuradha Sharma, Ch. Niranjan Patra, V.Jagannath Patro and Kalyan Kumar Sen. Effect of drug solubility on the release kinetics of water soluble and insoluble drugs from HPMC based matrix formulations Acta Pharma, 2009, 59, 313-323.
11. Ch. Niranjan Patra, Hemant K Pandit, Satya P Singh, M. Vimala Devi, Applicability and Comparative Evaluation of Wet Granulation and Direct Compression Technology to Rauwolfia serpentina Root Powder: A Technical Note. AAPS PharmSci Tech, 2008, 9 (1), 100-104.
12. Ch. Niranjan Patra, Satya Prakash Singh, Hemant Kumar Pandit and M Vimala Devi, Improvisation of The Flowability and Compressibility of Azadirachta indica Bark Powder for Processing into Tablet Dosage Form. Int. J. Green Pharm, 2007, 1 (3- 4), 16-19.
13. Ch. Niranjan Patra, Satya Prakash Singh, Hemant Kumar Pandit and M Vimala Devi, A systematic study on flowability and Compressibility of Aspargus racemosus root powder for tablet preparation by different methods. Int. J. Pharm Sci. Nanotechnol, 2008, 2, 129-135.
14. Ravindra A Fursule, Ch. Niranjan Patra, Satish B. Kosalge, Dipak D. Patil and Prashant K Deshmukh, Sustained delivery of Propranolol by using multiparticulate gastroretentive drug delivery system. Int. J. Health Res, 2008, 1 (4), 61-67.
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16. Chakraborty Santanu, Khandai Madhusmruti, Singh Satya Prakash and Ch.Niranjan Patra, Comparative study on effect of natural and synthetic superdisintegrants in the formulation of fast dissolving tablets, Int. J. Green Pharm. 2008, 1 (4), 1-4.
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5. Patra CN, Swain S, Sruti J, Patro AP, Panigrahi KC, Beg S, Rao MEB,Osmotic DrugDeliverySystems: Basics and Design Approaches, Recent Pat Drug Deliv Formul. 2012 Dec 31 [Epub ahead of print].
Bio-dataCh. Niranjan Patra is from Berhampur, India and obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mohuda, affiliated To Berhampur University, India in 2000. He has obtained his Masters in Pharmaceutics from Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Berhampur affiliated to Berhampur University, India in 2002. He was awarded the Ph.D in Faculty of Pharmcy from Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Rourkela, Inida in 2009 under the esteemed guidance of revered Prof. M. Vimaladevi, CEO, AuroPharma, Pondichery. He was elected as a member of Fellow of Institution of chemists in 2012. He has served College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mohuda as lecturer and Asst. Professor for 7 years. In 2009 he joined as Associate Professor in Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences, Berhampur and subsequently after 3 years he was promoted as Professor in the same institute.
He has received grant from UGC for research in Herbal tablet formulations. His research aims to improve bioavailabillty of poorly soluble drugs by different techniques like self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, solid dispersion, liquisolid compacts and understanding the processing problems associated with herbal tablet making and their remedies. Under his esteem guidance 2 research scholars got their Ph.D and presently 3 are continuing their Ph.D. To his credit he has published 22 research papers, 05 review papers in peer reviewed journals of international repute. He has published 01 book in the area of processing problems of herbal drugs and their remedies (Lambart Publisher). He has presented more than 10 research papers in seminars and conferences. He is a life member of many professional bodies like IPA, APTI, IHPA, ICTA, ISTE and IAPST.

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