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Chairperson's Message for Newly Admitted Students

Workshop on Hands on Training on Process Validation and Pilot Plant production of Tablets (18 to 19th February, 2017)

Notice Date : 2017-02-13

A 2-Day "Workshop on Hands on Training on Process Validation and Pilot Plant production of Tablets"
will be held at RIPS on 18th to 19th February 2017.
Pharma industry needs technically sound and competent manpower, without the burden of training further the fresh graduates. However, it is always found that the graduates, though knowledgeable, not having adequate technical skills, and this is what the academia need to address by giving more emphasis on practical learning. Pharmacy undergraduates have to deal with the formulation and manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals in the industry. Hence, It is expected that they are well trained both in theoretical and practical aspects, particularly hand-on experience to handle various equipments involved the processing and evaluation of tablet dosage forms. This workshop would provide the platform for the students to get hand-on experience under the supervision of experts from pharmaceutical industry.
Experts from Industry will train the delegates on the different topics.
1. Mr. Jagat Jyoti Sahu,
Asst. Manager, Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT), Dr. Reddys laboratory, Visakhapatnam.
2. Mr. C. Jagadeeswar,
Senior Team Member, Production, Dr. Reddys laboratory, Visakhapatnam.

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