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Hostel Facility

Hostel Facilities

The college having a wide hinterland has good hostel facilities for both male and female students. Students are admitted to the hostels on the basis of the distance of their residence from the hostels and their respective merit. There are nine hostels, six for boys and three for girls. The main Boy’s  hostel is located in front of the college campus and the others right next to the campus having capacity of 75 students, whereas one of the girl’s hostel on the campus and other two are near campus with a capacity of 50 students.

There are specific rules and regulations for both the hostels (to be put up in the respective notice boards) violation of which may lead to severe punishment, even cancellation of boardership. Each room of the hostel is furnished with modern furniture, viz., cot, study table and chair  and wardrobe . Other facilities that are provided within hostels include Sports, Newspaper, Magazines, Periodicals, continuous Aqua Fresh Cooled water and electric supply, spacious bathrooms, and toilets. Security guards provide 24-hour attention. We have 24x7 medical attention  within the hostel.

All the hostels have a warden who is usually a faculty member, to supervise and to address any grievances.