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Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Organizes On-Campus Placement Drive by MacLeods Pharmaceuticals LTD., Mumbai on 10th April 2018 AND by GSK Pharmaceuticals LTD., New Delhi on 16th April 2018

Important Information

1.     All the parents are informed to send their son/daughter to the college in time .

2.     The college timing is 10am to 5pm .

3.     During the college hours the students must attend their regular theory and practical classes .

4.     A minimum of 75% attendance both in theory and practical is required to be eligible to sit for the semester-end examination .The attendance shall be considered from the date of commencement of classes as per the academic calendar of the university .

5.     A student who has been absent for short periods on health ground or due to participation in cultural , sports , other academic/official assignments in the interest of the institution with prior permission of the head of the institution shall be permitted  a 10%  of relaxation in attendance in a semester .

6.     Every student must have to appear 03(three) class tests of 10 marks each during every semester . There is no compensatory class test .

7.     Each practical is of 10 marks , and the student has to attend maximum classes .

8.     Every student has to register themselves for the subject(s) and paid the necessary registration and examination fees  before the  commencement of the next higher semester .

9.     A student who has been promoted with backlog  has to register first for the backlog subjects being offered in the semester .  During the course of study the students may register in any no. of (2nd sem. onwards)  backlog (failed)  subjects of their lower semesters .

10.  The student once registered for a set of backlog subjects cannot change them during the semester .

11.   A student shall not be allowed to appear in the semester examination (including special exam. of that year)  in those particular theory subjects where he/she has shortage of attendance . However , they will be allowed to appear the exam. in those subjects where he/she has no shortage of attendance .